clinical services

Complex Case Resolution (CCR)

The Complex Case Resolution (CCR) process is a consultation service that helps facilitate the flow of older adults with cognitive impairment and responsive behaviours through the health system.  A standardized approach helps CCR explore options and promotes provider collaboration to improve patient outcomes, including transitions.  

Level 1 CCR consults are 1:1 consults with providers focused on identifying possible solutions.  

Level 2 CCR consults are for more complex cases when many options have been tried and exhausted.  In these cases, providers are brought together to facilitate a case review and identify a course of action.

No referral form is required for CCR.  To initiate a consultation, contact your NSM Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant (PRC). SGS PRCs are available to provide education and case consultation in your organization. Click here for further information on the role of PRCs in NSM.