Key Clinical Initiatives

NSM SGS key initiatives are campaigns that improve patient care, system alignment, support for staff and our overall care strategy.

Confinement Syndrome

Confinement syndrome affects frail older adults unable to interact with others due to disruption in social networks and support systems, reduction in access to health and/or social programming, fear of contracting an illness and/or loss of mobility.

Responding to Escalating Behaviours

Does your team know how to respond to an individual with behaviours that are escalating to the point of possibly becoming unsafe?

Antipsychotic Toolkit

The toolkit was specifically developed as a resource for interested long-term care home prescribers (i.e. physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists), promoting a more consistent approach to care while improving resident and system outcomes.

Senior Friendly Hospital Strategy

North Simcoe Muskoka hospitals, families and caregivers have been working to support and respond to seniors’ physical and cognitive needs, promote good nutrition and functional activation, and maximize safety.