North Simcoe Muskoka SGS Referral

  • Geriatric Medicine 
  • Geriatric Mental Health 
  • GeriMedRisk 
  • NSM Seniors CARE Exercise Program 

All SGS services outlined above can be accessed or supported throughout the SGS Central Intake Services. There is a single consolidated SGS Referral and Medical Clearance Form. The form must be faxed to SGS Central Intake to protect personal health information. 

Refer to NSM SGS on-line

*For Allied Health Professionals:

  1. Please choose "other" for Clinician Type so you will not be required to submit your professional ID.
  2. To print referral after submission, right click on mouse then click ‘Print’ OR use CTRL-P. 

Refer to NSM Specialized Geriatric Services through your Ocean account.   

Ocean e-referral is integrated into most Primary Care Electronic Health Records.

Simply go to the directory and find ‘NSM Specialized Geriatric Services’ OR Sign Up for your own account.