March 7, 2023

World Delirium Awareness Day 2023

This year, World Delirium Awareness Day 2023 (#WDAD2023) is happening on March 15, 2023. WDAD 2023 will be a day of delirium recognition, education, and prevention through community engagement. This year’s theme is “Delirium is Everybody’s Business”.

Delirium is a serious medical emergency that can often be reversed with proper assessment and treatment. An individual's family or caregiver would notice a worsening or change in their loved one's mental state that would occur suddenly over one to two days. Delirium can be distressing for those around the affected individual. However, it is far more distressing for the person involved, especially when they have no idea as to what might be causing these changes to their thinking, memory or personality.

Often delirium goes undetected. Or misdiagnosed as dementia or depression. Screening and prompt assessment are important. Identifying and addressing delirium will help prevent and reduce further patient decline, Emergency Department visits, hospital admissions, longer lengths of stay in hospital, unnecessary long-term care home placement and even death. Up to 75% of older adults experience delirium after acute illness or surgery. One-third of medical and hip fracture hospital patients, and at least one- half of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients, experience some form of delirium.

Since 2020, NSM Specialized Geriatric Services has worked with area partners to raise awareness of delirium throughout our region, across all sectors. If you know of someone who may be exhibiting signs of delirium, help them take action to address the issue. #WDAD2023 is a great opportunity to work together to raise awareness about the challenges of delirium and how those challenges can be met.

Visit World Delirium Awareness Day for information on March 15th planned activities.

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 Delirium is Everybody's Business - What Role Do You Play?

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