October 28, 2022

Recognizing NSM SGS Staff - Core Value Awards

Each year, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care recognizes employees who have gone above and beyond the day to day requirements of their position to improve the care of our patients and caregivers.

The Core Value Awards celebrate staff who contribute significantly to the greater good or mission by exemplifying exceptional values-based behaviours. This can be through actions that are simple and special or grand and complex. Nine values were chosen as nomination categories and this year we are pleased to acknowledge and nominate two individuals for awards.

CARING is defined as treating every person with compassionate sensitivity. This may include helping someone obtain knowledge, resolve their needs or positively grow and develop. It may also include demonstrating excellent customer service, supporting their coworkers in challenging times and valuing people by recognizing their importance.

Cindy Kosynski is a Community Clinician with the NSM SGS Community Mental Health team. She has a passion for supporting older adults and consistently goes beyond her regular duties to provide excellent and compassionate care.

Isolation, a serious threat to the well-being of our older adults, challenged many folks during the COVID-19 pandemic. When the Mental Health team resumed home visits, they often encountered distressing situations and a particular referral stands out with respect to Cindy’s diligence, excellent person-centred customer service and promotion of dignity for the patient and family.

Cindy was supporting an individual with dementia, and behaviour concerns were identified that could possibly result in injury and/or emergency service support. Cindy spoke with the family and the decision was made to notify the police. With the consent of the family and patient, Cindy spoke with the police about the individual, their diagnosis, safety concerns and ways to mitigate a high-risk situation if police needed to become involved. Safety was the goal for all, while at the same time maintaining the client’s dignity.

Cindy is very supportive of her co-workers. She is happy to jump in and lend a hand, whether it’s as simple as helping out with process questions or more complex challenging clinical situations. Cindy values her teammates and is the first to congratulate or celebrate successes. She demonstrates the mission, vision and values of Waypoint daily and we are pleased to nominate Cindy for the Caring core value award.

COLLABORATION is defined as working together toward a common purpose. This may involve demonstrating strong leadership skills, cooperation with others, or the ability to resolve conflict constructively. It may also include demonstrating best practices, research and evidence, role modelling, mentoring and coaching staff or having knowledge of the role of other team members.

Jenna Davis joined NSM SGS as our first permanent Recreation Therapist just over a year ago resulting not only in a positive impact to the SGS team, but for our clients, families and community partners.

Two prime areas of focus this past year have been – developing and implementing client assessment/consultations and building relationships with community partners through networking and capacity building.

Jenna engaged multiple community partners with the purpose of reducing social isolation in older adults through engagement and activity. Jenna collaborated with the McLaren Art Centre and the Alzheimer Society (Muskoka and Simcoe County) on numerous initiatives. Art kits and activity kits were created for seniors living in the community and long-term care, and large containers of activity supplies were delivered to all NSM long-term care homes.

In addition Jenna, along with the McLaren Art Centre, hosted an event for Leisure Enrichment Teams from different organizations across the region, to collaborate and build capacity related to engaging seniors in art activities. Jenna also collaborated with Georgian College for the Connect Us program to connect older adults and community members of all ages to share stories, interest and skills.

At the height of the pandemic Jenna developed an activity calendar to engage older adults in staying active. The popularity of the design and purpose of this calendar caused it to be shared widely across the province.

Presently Jenna is developing a community of practice in North Simcoe Muskoka for Life Enrichment and Recreation Therapists. Jenna has also been a member of the Therapeutic Recreation of Ontario (TRO) Board of Directors and co-chaired the TRO annual conference this past June. 

Jenna has certainly exemplified the mission, vision and values of Waypoint and NSM SGS in her daily work. She has been the catalyst that has brought many organizations together for the greater good of our NSM older adults. For these reasons and others, we are nominating her for the Collaboration core value award.

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