May 29, 2023

Helping Residents of Long-Term Care Homes Bridge the Technology Gap

If technology intimidates you, you’re not alone! But while healthy older adults have proven time and again they can adjust to the ever-evolving tech landscape, those that live in long-term care homes are often not as lucky.

Prior to living in long-term care, many residents were active members of our communities – travelling, visiting museums and other attractions, socially busy. Now we often find that those same older adults are unable to participate in many of these activities and that’s where we see technology becoming a viable option for some.

Through the enhancements that have been made in technology, folks can visit Africa to see elephants, lions and other animals in their natural habitats. Or they might want to hike to Machu Picchu to take in the majesty of the Andes and see how the Incas lived centuries ago. Or watch otters and other creatures interact and cavort at aquariums or zoos. Some may just want to chat with their friends or family on a regular basis.

NSM SGS is looking to help our long-term care home residents experience, again or some for the first time, the magic that technology can make happen. Beginning in June, Ontario Seniors Month, we will be visiting our long-term care homes helping residents that are interested learn how to become comfortable and knowledgeable with the technology that will be donated to their home.

To meet those goals, NSM SGS has hired two summer students who, along with members of our NSM SGS staff and long-term care home staff, will be using their technological savvy to encourage residents to challenge themselves in how to access various sites or applications.

To learn further about work that has already been done in Ontario, please have a read through the article “How Tech Can Help Seniors in Long-Term Care Homes Gain Independence” by Christine Persaud. A great piece about the benefits of various types of technology that can be helpful for long-term care home residents.

And watch this space to see how our Seniors Month June 2023 project rolls out in North Simcoe Muskoka.

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