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Central Intake Service

Central Intake is the hub that will make access to SGS services easier for referring sources by creating a single intake of service and along with more standardized eligibility criteria focused on frail seniors. To better utilize SGS resources - once a referral is generated, additional SGS resources may be accessed based on individual patient needs. Central intake includes; 

  • Geriatric Medicine 
  • Geriatric Mental Health 
  • GeriMedRisk 
  • NSM Seniors CARE Exercise Program 

All SGS services outlined above will now be accessed or supported throughout the SGS Central Intake Services. There is a new single consolidated SGS referral form and Medical Clearance Forms. These forms must be faxed to SGS Central Intake to protect personal health information. 

Refer to NSM SGS on-line

*Note: For Allied Health Professionals, please choose "other" for Clinician Type so you will not be required to submit your professional ID.

To print referral after submission - Right Click on mouse then click print OR use CTRL P


Refer to NSM Specialized Geriatric Services through your Ocean account  

Ocean e-referral is integrated into most Primary Care Electronic Health Records.

Simply go to the directory and find NSM Specialized Geriatric Services OR Sign up for your own account

Telephone: 705-417-2192
Toll Free Number: 1-866-594-0010
Fax: 705-792-4614