September 9, 2022

Putting your Hand in the Hand of the Older Adult: Completing a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

In her presentation, Putting your Hand in the Hand of the Older Adult: Completing a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA), Julie Carthew, NSM SGS NP, provides an introduction to the CGA as the evidence based, gold standard in managing frailty in older adults.

Julie notes that the CGA isn’t just an assessment tool, but also includes a management plan as well as action items for moving forward. The CGA has proven to improve outcomes for older adults by maintaining independence and improving function and cognition. She talks about the importance of having a conversation with the older adult, creating a therapeutic rapport, and determining what is important to the individual.

 Julie offers practical tips for initiating the CGA, starting with offering your hand and seeking that permission to connect. While the clinician is joining the older adult, they are observing throughout the interaction. Julie provides a tool, entitled the Geriatric 5Ms by Molnar, Huang & Tinetti, and reminds the attendees that the CGA isn’t just a checklist but a process. 

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