Wellness, Independence & Quality of Life in Aging

Leadership Team

From Left to Right:

Dr. Geoff Daniel, Dr.Kevin Young, Sandra Easson-Bruno, Deborah Duncan, Annalee King, Julie Whittley, Tamara Nowak-Lennard, Apryl Munro

Contact Information:

Sandra Easson-Bruno (Director NSM SGS Program)
email: seasson-bruno@nsmsgs.ca 

Deborah Duncan (V.P. Clinical Services, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care)
email: dduncan@waypointcentre.ca

Tamara Nowak-Lennard (Regional Clinical Manager and Clinical Nurse Specialist)
email: tnowak-lennard@nsmsgs.ca

Annalee King (Manager, Behavior Support System)
email: aking@nsmsgs.ca

Apryl Munro (Communications)
email: communications@nsmsgs.ca

Julie Whittley (Program Assistant)
email: jwhittley@nsmsgs.ca

Physician Leads (Please email Julie Whittley: jwhittley@nsmsgs.ca)
Dr. Kevin Young 
Dr. Geoff Daniel